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Find a video access control solution for any type of commercial property including apartments, condos, office towers or warehousing.

keep your current cards

No Fobs Required

Can Run on Top of Existing System
Tenants Can Keep or Dispose of Old Fobs
Can Use Bluetooth & Phones Instead of Cards/Fobs
no dealing with packages

Painless Deliveries All Day..

Delivery people can now contact each tenant directly. Tenants can show them what to do on video.


A favorite among many of the largest property management companies in the world, Butterfly Mx is used by luxury properties all over.

Visitor Touchscreens

Vandal resistant two-way video color touchscreens allow tenants to know who is at the door and easily let them in or give them temporary pin codes.

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Common Area Readers

For tenant access areas, you can install a more cost effective common reader which allows users to open the door using a mobile phone. Lock down parking garages and remote areas.

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Some Properties Prefer a More Simple Approach.

Looking for a simple approach to visitor entry without any monthly cloud hosting fees? Take a look at Comelit or Fanvil.

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A Cost Effective Visitor Management System with Video Calling & Mobile App. Has Building Automation Features & Relay Devices for Smart Building.

Visitor Touchscreen

Video call stations for visitor entry on commercial buildings such as multi-family or office towers. Comes with tenant mobile app to accept video calls.

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SIP based access control allowing inter-system video chats to be made, but also the ability to place normal phone calls to tenants without a desk phone or wall monitor. The tenant could then press 9 to let the visitor in, from their phone.



A modern approach to commercial access control

All Your Security in One Place


Indoor video monitors allow you to see property cameras and open doors for visitors after speaking to them.

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Sleek video door stations that are cost affordable and ring right to your desk or mobile device.

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Select a phone that works for you. All phones can ship with working phone service & fully configured.

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fanvil products


Simple to use and low profile video door station without keypad or reader. Works great for visitor only doors and gates.

Basic Video Station

This video door station also comes equipped with a keypad and card/fob reader for tenants or staff to access the building regularly.

Video w/ Keypad

See the door and grant them access without ever getting up. View all your security cameras and access points with this phone.

Video Phone

This Fanvil video door station has a card reader and keypad built directly in. The unit is weather resistant but does require some shielding.

Keypad/Card Reader

View persons at the door requesting entrance and let them in, directly from this color screen monitor.

Indoor Wall Monitor
Common Video Station Questions
Which video station is right for me?

There are 3 systems to choose from. Each one has it's own pro's and con's. Please call our sales engineer LaMarr by clicking Call Now above. He can discuss the benefits of each one. In a nutshell, Butterfly Mx is a luxury higher cost system with tons of integrations and smart home capabilities. Comelit is a medium priced system where the monthly cloud hosting fees can be paid in advance with a one time purchase. Comelit offers some great building automation & alarm system integration features as well. Fanvil is closer to a phone system with integrated access control and security camera features. It's not good for multi-family situations but favors very well in normal access control environments such as offices, warehouses, stores & homes.

Who configures the video station?

Envoy's team will gather all the details about your site and your ideal setup situation. They will submit a plan or design to be approved by you. Once you approve the system, an estimate then invoice will be provided to submit payment on. Once payment is received, Envoy technicians configure the system and test it. Once functional, it is delivered to your property for local installation.

Who installs the video station?

You get the flexibility of choosing how to get the system installed. Either a local access control installation company can install it, or you can choose to self-install it. A third option is to request an installation quote from Envoy Access for installation. An estimate will be provided, and if you accept the price a deposit is collected to complete the install. If the first two options are chosen, then the Envoy help desk can support the installer remotely as much as needed. We know these systems back and forth.

Does Fanvil require phone service?

No, it doesn't require phone service to act as an access control system. All the devices can communicate to each other over a network. All devices must be on the same physical network in order to communicate to each other. To enhance Fanvil devices, Envoy Voice phone service can be added for a small monthly fee. Then these Fanvil devices can place phone calls to anywhere in the world.


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