Standalone Access Control Devices Allow Control on Remote Doors or Gates with No Existing Wiring.

We Offer 3 Brands of Standalone Access Devices

Premiere bluetooth reader that solves almost any access problem. Doesn't require data cables & works remotely.


Large line of wireless handles and a bluetooth reader for common areas. Low monthly fees for cloud hosting.


Bluetooth & card readers managed on a tablet only, with zero monthly fees. Only for office, store or warehouse.



This is one of the few known products with it's unique capabilities. Many standalone systems are great, but few others allow central cloud management to a door/reader that has no data wiring. The same common reader for lobbies can work in far remote parking garages too.

Anywhere & Anytime


This common reader works wonders for public areas, elevators & exterior entrances.


This solar powered gate box requires no power or data cables to operate a gate day & night.

VizPin Handles

Lock down tenant units, hall closets or stairwell doors with this line of wireless handles. Works in same cloud system as common reader & gate box.

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Great for offices, warehouses, stores and multi-family properties that have a secondary visitor entry solution. A large line of Bluetooth handles backed up with a Bluetooth common reader. Modern cloud based software with super low monthly fees of $2 a door.

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Bluetooth handles can work across large properties & have cloud management. Great for passage ways, unit doors & stairwells when paired with a Yale panic bar.

Wireless Handles

Deadbolts can provide access to units, closets, passage gates & more. Endless colors and finishes available to match any properties look and feel. Open with cards, fobs or phone.

Wireless Deadbolts

The Yale near field Bluetooth credential reader is perfect for common areas or elevators needing entry from a single floor. Users open door by waving phone.

Common Reader
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1-3 Door systems


A self-contained access control system with Bluetooth readers, that is managed by a single tablet or cell phone.
These readers can only have new cards or users added to it by standing at the door with a mobile app. This process is typically only good for small buildings with a couple doors and very few new users added regularly.


Managed With Tablet

Setup new users and administer data w/ app.


Multiple Credentials

Use cards, fobs or bluetooth on your phone.


Office/Warehouse Only

Designed for access control buildings with 1-5 doors.


Quick to Install

Simple and quick system to install in a single day.


This Bluetooth Reader Can Accept Cards, Fobs and Bluetooth Credentials for Multiple Ways to Enter.

Slim Card, Fob and Bluetooth Reader for Small Areas on Door Frame When Mounting Spaces Are Limited.

Vandal Resistant Card, Fob and Bluetooth Reader for High Use or Damage Areas.

Common Standalone Questions
What is a standalone access control reader/keypad?

A standalone access control reader/keypad is a solo device that can control a single door and does not always sync back to a central management system. In our case, we only use cloud based standalone systems that DO sync back to a central management software for you to add users and make changes to the system. This reader/keypad can be installed next to a door and only requires a power wire ran to it from a local power source. Then the door strike and request to exit sensor/buttons can wire directly to this reader/keypad. Ultimately not requiring data cables ran back to a central closet.

What's the difference between Yale and Vizpin?

Both systems are pretty much the same and have around the same initial and monthly costs. Two differences are that Vizpin offers a parking gate solution and a visitor access solution, whereas Yale does not. Vizpin has the ability to send visitors a text to allow them the right to download the app and use Bluetooth to open doors temporarily while allowed access.

What are the limitations of the Enforcer system?

The Enforcer system is different from Yale and Vizpin becuase it has to be managed from a single mobile device only. Typically, a single tablet will be setup at the site for the administration of the Enforcer system. To add a new card or user to the Enforcer system, the admin must walk up to each lock with the tablet and program the new user/card into it. Then walk to the next lock and upload the same data. Therefore, this system does not work well for multi-family situations and is best for offices, warehouses or stores where only a few locks or users are present.

Will standalone work for me?

There are quite a few factors to take into consideration when planning an access control system. It is truly best to call us and get a free system design and consultation. We are experts at reviewing all the factors to plan the right system the first time. If you choose to plan alone, take into consideration these factors: Standalone doesn't allow for long range readers when driving up to gates, it requires opening an app on a phone or directly touching a card/fob. No garage style remotes are available. Also, visitor access is not very easy to manage. So standalone works well when visitors are not frequent.