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1: Choose The System Type

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Large Property Access Solution with Capabilities to Wirelessly Connect the Systems/Doors Together Without Communication Cables. Run Only Local Power Wiring Instead. Has Monthly Cloud Fees.


Cost Effective Medium Property Sized Access Solution. Max 84 Doors in System. Requires Door Cabling Ran Back to Central Closet or Box with POE Ethernet. Does Not Have Monthly Cloud Fees.


Super Low Cost Wired Access Solution for Any Size Property. Requires Local PC on Same Network as Devices. Software Not Cloud Based. A Legacy Approach with Modern Equipment. No Monthly Fees.


2: Speak with Envoy Agent

After (or Before) Your Purchase, an Envoy Agent Will Speak with You About Your System Design & Layout. Once Detailed Information is Provided, They Will Plan Your Configuration & Review Everything With You to Ensure a Great Planned System.


3: We Configure & Then Deliver Your System

After the Plan is Built, an Envoy Configuration Team Sets Up All of Your Equipment, Configures it and Runs Tests. Once Everything is Exactly the Way You Wanted it, The Equipment is Delivered to You. An Envoy Agent Can Explain Everything Required to Your Install Team or We Can Install it For You After We Provide a Quote.

We Configure & Ship to Your Installer of Choice
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After a quick call, we know exactly what you are looking for. Then we set the system up as you need it. Our team works with installers to ensure it's right.
In many cases a local Envoy agent arrives w/ your equipment and explains everything. We can ship and support over the phone if our of our areas.
Have your favorite access installer put everything in and we can support them remotely or have us prepare a quote to get it installed for you. We do both!
Add A Cloud Node

One Single PDK Cloud Node is Needed for Each System. It Communicates Back to Your Web or Mobile App, So You Can Control The System

Add Keypads & Readers

Once the Cloud Node and Door Expansion Boards are Selected, Add Keypads/Sensors for Each Door

How to Design a PDK System

Cloud Node Requires Ethernet. Add Additional Door Expanders to the Same Network with POE or Expanders Can Link Wirelessly Back to CN with PDK Wireless Repeaters. Add a Keypad/Reader for Each Door, Plus Request to Exit Devices (if required by local state laws).

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ZK Benefits

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Biometric Readers

Fingerprint and Vein Readers Ensure a Quick and Secure Way for Staff to Obtain Access Even if a Wallet is at Home.

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Complete Access Kits

Purchase a Controller, 4 Readers, 4 Request to Exit Buttons, 25 User Cards and Required Power Supplies in a Single Kit.

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Access Paired Cameras

View/Control Cameras in the Same ZKTeco Mobile App Used for Access Control. Pair Doors to Cameras for Audit Trails.

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low cost access

GeoVision Access Control

No Monthly Hosting Fees or Mobile App. Windows Software Runs on Local PC with Same Network as Controllers.
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Controllers Are the Central Access System

Requires Ethernet or POE

1Dr, 4Dr, 8Dr Versions

Wire Door to Controller

Provides Lock Power

Wireless Option

Multiple Reader Options Including Biometric


Video Door Stations

Facial ID Versions

Bluetooth Option



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Common Access Questions
What is the full process?

1st: Select and purchase a system that's right for you. If you're not sure, call us and we can help. 2nd: We contact you immediately to discuss how you would like the system set up and configured. We then configure the system, based off the discussion. The system is delivered directly to you, most of the time by an Envoy Systems representative but sometimes FedEx if in remote areas. 3rd: You have the system installed by you, a local company you prefer, or we can get you a quote to perform the install by Envoy techs. 4th: We support you remotely with the system going forward.

What if I don't know what type of system to use?

No problem! Our team are experts in system design. We can schedule an onsite visit where we come out and perform a survey or you can provide details over the phone. We can request certain pictures of the property and if provided, we can still provide a remote system design.

Who configures the system?

Our team configures the system exactly to the specifications you detail in our onboarding call. You can provide user lists, door names, schedules to operate off of and more. After the system is installed, we can provide another round of configuration changes in case something changes during the equipment installation phase. Just let our engineers know what you want and we will do our best to make that happen.

Who installs the system?

You have 3 options for the equipment installation portion. You can self-install the gear. A local preferred access control company can install it. Then the remaining option is Envoy Systems has technicians across North America that can get it done for an installation fee. We can provide an installation quote if you request one.