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Control the Property or Simply Let the Tenants Control Their Unit

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comelit smart buildings

Smart Buildings

Trying to Automate/Control a Commercial Building or the Units Inside a Building?

Alarm Integration

Tie in existing alarm zones into the Comelit app.

Security Cameras

View security cameras in the Comelit app or wall monitor.

Lighting Control

Integrate lighting control into the same app that controls access.

Smart Locks

Unit smart locks can also be operated by the tenant.

Thermostat Control

Set temperature remotely if the weather changes suddenly.

Fire Systems

Integrated fire systems alert you inside the same Comelit app.

commercial building control

Do it All with Comelit

Connect Alarm System Zones
Sync Onsite Cameras
Same App Controls Everything
tenant units

Looking for Smarter Properties?

Begin Offering the Things Your Tenants Really Want

brilliant home control

Smart Apartments

We Configure & Ship or Install Brilliant Apartment Control Systems

Unit Locks

Tenants can use the same fob or phone app to open common areas or their own apartment

Brilliant Control

Apartment control systems that tenants can pair hundreds of devices to, with a mobile app

Smart Devices

Garage door openers, thermostats, flood sensors, or even unit alarm systems pair up

Smart Access

Let visitors into the property or the apartment unit by using the Brilliant wall unit or mobile app.

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Smart Thermostats

Pair most smart thermostats to Brilliant. Some vendors include Nest, Ecobee & Honeywell.

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Ring Alarm

Ring security systems including the alarm and cameras both pair with Brilliant home control.

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Smart Lights

Philips Hue smart bulbs, Lutron, Leviton, Wemo, and Lifx smart light bulbs or dimmers pair up.

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Brilliant Home Control
wall station

Set the temperature, turn down the lights, lock the doors and cue the music with brilliant

Offer Smart Home Without The Complexity